The best of Plymouth, MI

Not quite the big city, but not really a suburb either, Plymouth, MI, is its own kind of animal. To the two of us, one who grew up in Farmington Hills and the other in Dearborn, Plymouth is a unique place that combines the best aspects of a big city – the ability to walk to restaurants, bars and shopping, multiple spots for brunch and festivals galore, with our favorite characteristics of the ‘burbs like a “homey” vibe and a lawn. From our first date to our first place as a married couple, we’re here to share our opinion on the “BEST” Plymouth has to offer. You’ll learn there’s A LOT of great pizza 🙂

  1. Kellogg Park

Kellogg parkKellogg 1

Nestled in the heart of downtown Plymouth (DTP), Kellogg Park boasts a picture-perfect fountain, plenty of trees for a shady spot to picnic, January’s Ice Festival, decorated Christmas trees in December, Scarecrows in October and best of all, Music in the Park on Friday evenings from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Take a stroll through the park on date night or bring a frisbee for family fun. Either way, Kellogg Park is a “must see” on while in DTP.

  1. Plymouth Coffee Bean

Snapchat-976670228Skip Starbuck’s and post up at the Bean instead. Locally owned with a cozy, somewhat eccentric atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to get your creative juices flowing or just hang out with friends. In addition to coffee and tea, a custom crepe station, fresh-baked cookies and other coffee house eats are available to snack on. There’s just something about this place that’s inspiring… Maybe it’s the person playing guitar in the background, the art on the walls or the uniquely awesome crowd the Bean brings in.

  1. Dairy King

Snapchat-1234057224THE ice cream place in Plymouth, it’s an institution. You can’t go wrong with their special creamsicle twist (a personal favorite) and, in addition to classic soft serve, Dairy King serves Guernsey hard ice cream, a local gem. It’s walkable from downtown or Old Village and makes the perfect sunny summer treat! If you don’t believe us, or the long lines out front (don’t worry they move fast), try it for yourself and see if you visit another Plymouth ice cream shop ever again.

  1. Main Street Pizza
Main Street Pizza
Photo credit: Main Street Pizza Facebook Page

Sure – In Plymouth there’s a Domino’s, a Jet’s and a Hungry Howie’s, but PLEASE, if you’re looking for take-out or delivery to watch the big game or entertain friends, get Main Street Pizza. We discovered Main Street Pizza our first night in Plymouth, a well-deserved snack after moving in, and we never looked back. Every party, family movie night or “just because” pizza night featured Main Street. It’s THAT GOOD – just ask our guests. The best part about Main Street Pizza is the reusable coupon sheets you get with every purchase, collect 10 (one per order) and a large, two-topping pizza is yours for FREE. We loved the large family special: Two large, two-topping pizzas and a large salad for $18.99 carry-out. Oh, and orders over $10 are eligible for free delivery!

  1. Brunch

Omelette and waffleWe believe that breakfast dates are the best dates and while living in Plymouth, we decided to make our days off special by hitting up our local eats around 11 a.m. You will not be disappointed if you’re eating breakfast in Plymouth: Omelette and Waffle Café downtown, Honey Hole Diner and Crawford’s Kitchen in Old Village and out at Haggerty and Five Mile, French Toast Bistro, are all delicious options.

  1. Old Village

AquaAs if the best brunch options in town weren’t enough, Plymouth’s Old Village neighborhood boasts its own brewery, delectable dinner eats, picture perfect houses and killer rollerblading routes. Let’s talk about Hermann’s Olde Town Grille – a tavern filled with locals, beer and trivia. Not to mention, their BBQ chicken pizza is unparalleled and their big, juicy burgers come with tater tots! Steps away from Hermann’s is Liberty Street Brewing Company. If you’re a cider lover, their Strawberry Cider is a MUST try and the beer’s great too, according to Peter. There’s a chill vibe, unlimited popcorn is a dollar and there are board games – YES! Finally, Old Village is home to Aqua – a chic sushi destination with eats that are just as wonderful as their presentation.

  1. Pizza E Vino

Pizza e VinoIf you’re looking for a drunk night with your best friends start with Pizza E Vino’s Mango Moscato. We guarantee you’ll be able to down two bottles without even blinking. Newly remodeled with a modern Italian look inside, you can order PROSCIUTTO anything, from appetizers to the Neapolitan pizza. There might be a wait but it’s worth it. We’d also suggest heading to Sean O’Callaghan’s just a few buildings down for a nightcap on your way home – another spot for good food, a great atmosphere and ass-kicking drinks!

  1. Fall Fest

Fall Fest 2.5The sweet taste of elephant ears, the lights from carnival rides, a good ole’ fashion corndog, games with prizes and a large, local shopping market… For three days in early September you can have it all at Plymouth’s Fall Fest! Fall Fest became a tradition for Peter and I while living in Plymouth and it’s one of the things we are going to miss the most. We have some fun local art from the market and so many memories walking through ride-lit streets chowing on great food and winning prizes.

  1. Compari’s On The Park


Our pick for the number one restaurant in DTP. Why? You can dress it up for a first date or anniversary celebration (we speak from experience) or dress it down for a casual night out. You’ll be treated incredibly, maybe even to a special serenade, so pop the bubbly for any reason whatsoever and get a table for calamari and Napolitana pizza.

  1. PennThe Penn Theatre

There is no contest, the Penn Theatre takes the cake. Why? Not only is it the best movie deal in town , $3 cash for a ticket and reasonably priced concessions (none of this $25 for popcorn nonsense), but it’s an EVENT. Ticket sales begin a half hour before movie start time and by 6:30 p.m. for a 7 p.m. movie, the line already wraps around the building. When you’re there, it truly makes you feel like you’re a part of something big for the city. One title plays Thursday – Sunday every week.

Honorable Mentions:

– Ironwood Grill: A sports bar where you can always find a great game and an even better drink. P.S. – Try the pizza!

– E.G. Nick’s: A vacation atmosphere and string lit patio welcomes guests along with the best shrimp tacos we’ve ever had.

-The Post Local Bistro: White wine sangria, shredded chicken nachos and flat bread with Cajun chicken… Just try it. You’ll thank us later.


IMG_1699If you’re traveling to Plymouth from out of town, we encourage you to stay at The Inn at St. John’s. We’ve stayed there ourselves and we can tell you – the rooms are spacious and comfortable, the pool with it’s waterfall, current and hot tub is a blast and the grounds are gorgeous.


We hope you enjoy Plymouth as much as we do!

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  1. I am a Michigan Native and relevantly close to Plymouth and even after years of living here still spend A TON of time down there! Great post! I really feel like you highlighted some of the best parts!

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